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Introducing RevolututionPHR (Personal Health Record)

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

As a patient you want the best care experience possible - and as your eye care provider, we want that too. The better you and your doctor communicate, the better your experience can be. RevolutionPHR is a website that is directly linked to the software we use in our offices during your exam. By providing you with secure access to your personal information via RevolutionPHR, the lines of communication between you and your doctor are improved.

Access your personal data from anywhere. With RevolutionPHR, discrete pieces of your personal eye care data are always at your fingertips. If you need to know what medication your eye doctor prescribed at a previous visit or can’t remember the date of your next appointment or want to print previous bills, just log in to find that information.

Save time and stay current with your provider. Has your personal information changed? No need to call the office or spend time updating paper forms during your next visit, simply login to RevolutionPHR and update your personal info. As soon as you make the change, your chart will be updated for your next visit. And if you have an upcoming eye appointment, you can complete a pre-examination interview that will help our staff complete your medical history more efficiently during your exam.

Providing patients with online access to their personal health information is the norm and will soon be mandatory. We are proud to be bringing this cutting-edge technology to our patients today. If you have any questions about your patient portal or would like help accessing the site, please ask any of our team members.


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